Spare key blanks for Southco latch?

Has anybody successfully had a spare key made for their stock Southco latch (C2 I believe)? None of my local hardware stores have a blank that matches. Google doesn’t seem to have the answer… my key is stamped “RS008” - all I can find online is R008 and S008 and neither seem to match. Waiting on a response from Southco customer service but figured I’d check here too - if anybody has a line on spare key blanks let me know!

Contact GFC. I believe replacement keys are available either through GFC or southco or both. Didn’t you get 6 keys from GFC with your rig?


I just sent GFC a note - will update when I hear back from them.

I only got two keys with it but I bought it used. Somehow I already managed to lose one!


A real locksmith should be able to make them. My local one can do them while I wait.

No word from GFC yet, but heard back from SouthCo - none of their authorized dealers have any blanks in stock. Yikes! I didn’t really want to spend the money on the upgraded latches but looks like I might be doing that afterall.

I am thinking that GFC sells replacement keys for the southco locks. Correct me if that isn’t the case…


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GFC definitely can provide replacements. If you need it sooner I bet a full locksmith shop would have a blank that would fit. I’ve got some old padlock keys that seem to be the same shape as the Southco ones (and fit in lock nicely), so it’s not that uncommon of a key.

As others have said, a locksmith can probably cut you one since the blank is a common size.

Yep, heard back from GFC, they can provide, just need to enter a service ticket.

Believe it or not, my closest locksmith is a 3hr drive away haha so I’ll probably just go through GFC.

Thanks everybody!