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What is everyone’s experience with their campers and mosquitoes getting in the tent area?

I know some people had issues with bugs getting through the snaps that attached the tent to the frame on V1 but I have had no issues with my V2. You do need to be mindful of keeping all the panels closed when you are in the camper. Additionally, I keep all lights off until all the panels are closed up.

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V2 here and even through camping in some bug infested areas I haven’t had any problems with bugs entering the tent, aside from the ones that come in when the floor panels or the mesh doors are open.


Same as any other tent. If they are particularly bad, I briefly throw a isobutane Thermacell on the tailgate before closing up. Seems to clear them out of the bed pretty well.

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I’ve got a V1 camper and there are definitely some major gaps in the fabric around the snaps that lets bugs in. I had assumed that the occasional bugs in the camper was a result of a few sneaking in when I was climbing upstairs, but after a week of camping in northern MN, we got SWARMED in a closed up camper with all the lights off. It was brutal. Looking into some DIY solutions since there isn’t an off the shelf fix and GFC customer service wasn’t super helpful (they just referred me back to the forum for a solution).

I know there are gaps that gnats and mosquitos can get in as well as when climbing in. I personally spray all of my fabric with permethin (will smell for a few days but it goes away). I also use thermacell tech to keep bugs out before climbing in, I order pads and there are multiple variations of heaters



I’m looking at a V1 and this bugs/ snaps issue is on of my biggest concerns. Would adding a peel and stick velcro work?

I live in South Louisiana and the misquotes are PISSED right now for some reason. I went camping this past weekend and finally got to try this netting out and it worked perfect, kept them all out. I used my red LED lights in the bed just to make sure they weren’t attracted.

All this is, is a magnetic closing screen made for patio double doors. I had it previously installed on my 4Runner, and it just so happened to fit the GFC opening perfectly. I used velcro on the bars so the screen could attach with the velcro thats already sewn on it.