Spot #1006 for Sale (SOLD!)

I no longer need the spot unfortunately. The XL deposit ($575) has been applied towards this build and I am looking to get that back. Currently, the estimated start month is stated as December, but GFC is allegedly a little ahead of schedule and starting around october.

If you are interested, email me at the address below. Please ensure the subject line contains “GFC 1006.” Once I’ve confirmed payment with you I will email GFC and we will coordinate the swap. No decisions have been made, so you can pick size and all other options and the $575 will still apply!! So this build can be changed to a Standard and/or customized to your desired options.

shoot me an email


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This style in writing looks a lot like the guy who posted the #907 spot for sale yesterday :thinking: got confused for a second haha.

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lol, definitely used it for inspiration, was feeling a little lazy!