Spot 2050 for sale - SOLD

Paid the $575 for an xl. Happy to sell for that.

Says august production date but could be earlier/later based on model I believe.

When I put down the deposit I was thinking I wanted to do a V2 so I could make parts for it, but I decided the V1 is just too cool to give up. Hope this helps someone jump up a bit.

Can u tell me what day u bought your spot?

Sent as a private message

I got a response back from GFC. I was a little bummed out because the date we get when we put a deposit down is the start of the build date:( . Im looking at a January finish of next year. So needless to say, I would like to buy yours. What day did you put your deposit in?

Feb 6th 2021

Let’s chat via private message to save the forum all the posts.

yes, sorry:) I’ve been responding to a few folks. Just wanted to know if you know what day you put your deposit down. I got a nice response from GFC and they will put the extra $75 towards my build.

Just sent you a private message, but date listed above.