Spot #2489 $450

Save 50 bucks and a 2 month wait, buy my spot! Placed the order in June 27 but grenaded the front axle on my gladiator so I need to buy a new axle and wont be able to afford my camper come build date, original email says estimated spring 2022 build date but probably 2 months + vs ordering now

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Is this still for sale?

Yes it still is, i need 20 characters apparently so here is that fillibuster

Is it possible to get a confirmed build date from GFC? I’m interested

I can send you the email I got from when I placed the order

@chad_chinchilla curious if you’ve sold this spot yet? Interested, but would change to a 3rd gen DCSB tacoma…

@GFC any info on what this build time might be?

still available and the exact quote from my email is
When will my GFC be ready?
“The answer to that question is partly up to you. Your camper should be available for production Spring 2022.”

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ordered place june 28 so exactly 2 months ago

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spot was sold friends, thank you thank you

@GFC btw im pretty sure its not letting me edit the title a second time to put sold in it