Spot 703 FOR SALE-$600.00

Virtually an immediate build once you pick ur model and options. Had free installation, but not sure if that carries to new holder.

I’ll take it. Will send you a PM with contact.

I apologize I posted the incorrect amount. I’m in the process of editing the amount to $600.00. Please let me know if your still interested

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Yep, I’ll take it. Sent you a message.

@blancataco here you go Keep it up

$700 bid here! Let me know.

Txt might. be easier (732)672-2850.

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Sorry dude. Have a seemingly committed buyer.(But u know how the internet can be.). If anything changes I’ll check back with you


If this is open, by chance I’ll take it.

Got 1751 that I’ll then sell to someone else!

@cktk1 When is your spot dated for? If you get an earlier, and depending on your spot I could buy yours

June start date, currently.

@blancataco here’s a spot!

Were is a spot I don’t see it

Spot 703 is sold. Thanks Atoyot!