Spot for sale Unit#1538

Hello world, the current state of things unfortunately caught up to me like many many many others, and I’m being forced to sell my truck. That being said, I have my deposit I put down on a camper a couple months ago for Unit #1538 which is slated to start being built July of 2021. If you would like to get a couple months ahead of schedule I’d be very very happy to just receive my deposit amount back ($500) and the spots all yours! Let me know if you have any interest or any questions! Thanks!


Do you know if you are bonded to a size and model? And is it by chance still available?

Is this still available?

I’m interested. Is it for a specific model?

Hello everyone I’m sorry to keep you hanging, this is no longer for sale but I do not have permission apparently to delete this post, I’ve asked the moderator to do so. I apologize!