Spot in line for sale

I put the $100 down for a spot but ended up getting a used GFC locally for a really good price. Would like to sell my spot and get my $100 back if possible.

When is your install date? In MT?

Is there a specific vehicle build your spot is for, or can it be changed?

I’m less than an hour from GFC. Trying to find a used is a challenge. Thanks

I haven’t got anything set in stone yet. Was about to order and finalize the details, then a fully loaded one popped up near me for $7000

If you don’t have any details selected I can’t imagine it would be any faster than someone placing their own order online. Sounds like you paid 7100 for your camper, which is still a steal.

It’s not going to be any faster. I’m just trying to see if someone wants it so I can get my deposit back.