Spot Number 802 For Sale- Discounted $475 SOLD

Hey all,

I moved up the board today and purchased someone else’s spot so I am looking to sell my spot which is number 802. The expected build time is June of 2020. No options have been set and the reservation is for a standard size order but you may be able to change it to an XL.

Needed to move up the board to get it built sooner in order to take a final trip with my wife before she is off to 4 years of dental school starting this summer. Given that I am scrambling to build out my truck and looking for a quick turnaround sale and have discounted my $500 deposit to $475.

I can provide proof of payment for the spot and upon receipt of a Venmo or Cash App payment will CC’ to transfer the spot. Please PM me for proof of my deposit and my Venmo/Cash app name if you would like to move forward.



I’m in if I can change it to an xl for my Tundra crew max.