Spot wanted ASAP

I’m looking for a sooner spot. My build starts in Aug. email

How much over the deposit are you willing to pay?

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I’m not quite sure what the going rate is? I guess 500 bucks. When is your spot?

Let me know if you end up finding an earlier build spot. I may be interested in your August build spot. Mine isn’t until November.

  1. It would be essentially an immediate build but am looking forward to it. For me to part with it it would have to be financially worth it for me to essentially go to the back of the line on a new camper. I would be willing to part with it for $2,500. $500 for deposit plus $2,000 for jumping the line.

Hey there…so I apologize but I spoke a little too soon. Spoke with the wife and she wasn’t so keen on getting back in line. We want to use it this summer and fall. Sorry for the false alarm and best of luck finding a spot.

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