Squeaky Icon RXT Leafs

So I have some Icon RXT leafs installed, set on stage 3. I put them on right before I got the GFC, so they’ve been on there for a few months now. I noticed my passenger side leafs started squeaking like crazy with any movement. Has anyone else have this happen? Any way to fix it?

A couple different options:

  • Power wash the dirt out of them
  • Put grease or Slide Lube in between the leafs

Check this Video out. Haven’t tried it personally but seems like the best and longest solution.


Thanks! Mine are squeaking too after my last camp trip, I’ll have to give the power wash a go then some lube.

Thank yall!

Mine squeak after I take the truck on dusty roads. A quick rinse off always does the trick for me! I’ve had mine on for 3.5 years and I’ve never had to add lube to them.

Aside from the squeaks how do you like the RXT’s?

I have some in my garage, need to take them apart and set up to level 3 as well. Have heard fluid film on the leafs will keep them quiet (and rust free) has anyone tried that?

They’ve been awesome!