Standard Size Beef Bar


Recently picked up a used GFC which came with a brand new beef bar in the box with hardware. Of course when I go to install I find out it’s the standard, not the XL I need for my F150. I’ll take $160 for it or a trade for something GFC related. I’m in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

You could buy the proper length of 1.5’’ x 3’’ extrusion for about $75 and use the same dog bones (the expensive, billet machined part):

I’d be interested in just the 53" extrusion. I’ll make my own mounting brackets. Would you be passing thru SLC anytime soon? And the link I posted is for an extrusion supplier local to the Salt Lake valley.

I just took a closer look at the GFC beef bars. I was wrong; the bar is a custom extrusion and not a conventional 1.5" x 3" T-slot profile. To use a conventional 15 series extrusion, you would have to make an adapter plate with these features: two 5/16 fastener clearance holes to connect to the 15 series bar, and four 1/4"-20 threaded holes to connect the adapter plate to the GFC machined part.

Check out @ALoffroad for a similar product. He made a V2 version for me and I really like it.

I appreciate the info! Good to know, I’ll prob try to sell it first before trying to do any rigging of my own.

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Will you ship to California

Yea I can ship to Cali

Shipping would be just under $20 looks like