Standing bikes up in GFC topper?

I have put a deposit down on my GFC XL and was wondering if an 29er mountain bike and road bike would fit inside the topper standing up (on their wheels). I don’t like having my bikes on the outside of my vehicle. I like knowing they are locked up inside.

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Depends on what truck and what bike(s) you have. You can estimate the inside height of the gfc by measuring from the floor of the truck bed to the top of the cab and adding 2 inches or so. The road bike will probably fit fine but depending on the travel of the fork on your mtb you may have to remove the front wheel.

I have a 29er with a 160mm fork and it’s about 2” too tall to fit in my gfc on an f150.

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I have a double cab tundra with a 6.5’ bed and I was able to fit a size large Pivot Phoenix 29er downhill bike inside my camper with the wheels on. Only had to put in there at a slight angle but the tailgate and rear camper hatch closed fine without contacting anything. Also fit my other trail bikes just fine as well.

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Thanks to both of you. I have a 2019 Ram 1500 5.7 bed. I think based on the length alone I will likely have to take the front tire off or turn the wheel to the side.

I just snapped a pic since I have a 2020 RAM 1500 with the 5’7” bed. For sizing the bike is a size large Giant Trance X 29. Enough height but quite a bit too long. Hope that helps.

Thanks, Jedgar. I appreciate you taking that picture. So do you just turn you handle bars to the side to fit it in lengthwise or do you just remove your front wheel? My build is scheduled for March. Also is there any accessories you would recommend I get in my original order or aftermarket for my Ram setup?

Yeah for a quick trip without extra gear I just turn the bars and lay it down. If I have camping gear and need more space I remove the front wheel. It is so great having things out of sight and secure so easily.

The only thing I was surprised about with the RAM is how many openings there are in the bed. Around the tailgate has big gaps and even the tie down points have openings. I picked up an Impact bed rug to seal up some of the gaps. It made a big difference with dust and water coming into the bed.

I also love the Backseat Bunker but I don’t have the cab window, and the GZilla Rainfly poles are nice to have. I only got mine in early November so still figuring it out.

Yea I agree on the dust and water what do you use the rainfly poles for? Extra aging etc? If you get a chance I’d be interested in seeing how you sealed those gaps with pictures. Especially at the crease of the tail gate. I do have a bearing in there now in the floor.

The rain fly poles hold out the back door so you can still have airflow if it is rainy. I didn’t do anything extra to seal the bed, just the bed rug itself sealed it up a ton.

Ah ha that makes sense.

How is the Impact mat on the knees, especially compared w normal Bed Rug? And does the Impact mat smell much? I am going to get a BedRug for my F150, and still have to decide which to get.

Thanks for any info!

I can stand my CT110 and CT125 up in the back if i put my handle bars down. I was pumped to find this out.

Just email GFC and ask them what the interior height would be for your truck. Add that to the bed depth, and boom, you’ve got your answer. That’s what I did before I bought mine. My bikes fit w/ ample clearance.

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Depending on size, you should probably be good. My XL 160mm travel bike fits. I also emailed GFC before ordering and they gave me a rough estimate of interior height based on model.