Starlink - anyone using one?

Anybody messed around with packing a starlink yet? With the new smaller rectangular antenna it’s getting tempting.

I can work from anywhere when I’m not traveling…


I’m using it at home and happy with it. GFC aficionado Wes Siler just wrote an article about potentially using Starlink as you describe: Can Starlink Bring High-Speed Internet to Your Next Camping Trip? - Outside Online


Thanks! very interesting stuff.

I think the antennas will continue to get smaller…

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I’m hopping on the Starlink train up here in BC. Anyone try it yet camping? My guess it’s going to be difficult to find spots with full exposure to the sky.

there are a couple of groups on Facebook/Meta

RV/Overlanding/Camping with Starlink

and for what people are experiencing and where

Starlink is adding mobile (RV, marine) support which could be a game changer if it includes a smaller dish.

Thanks @dakine . I joined those groups.

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We are using one currently while we travel through northern Canada and Alaska. Above latitude 57⁰ it doesn’t work but we have a mount on our v2 GFC for it and in the lower 48 it has worked fantastic! We have a few post on Instagram about it under this same user name.


Sick!!! I’m in Williams Lake, so in your ventures if you’re coming down Hwy97 we should dork out over a coffee. Can I see I picture of your mount? I was thinking the same thing. Luckily I don’t really venture above 57deg yet.

If you two ride mountain bike Williams Lake is a must stop place :smiley:

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Oh nice! We did travel through Williams lake as we headed north. We didn’t bring bikes on this trip because we thought the Dempster mud and dust would have destroyed them. So glad we didn’t because it would have but we are missing them for sure!

Here’s some shots it. We moved it to the opposite side of our panel since we took pics of the mount.


Nice, is that just some 1/4 Aluminum. I think I have tons of those brackets for dishy at work. The other departments have them for satellite dishes :metal:. Just need to find some scrap aluminum.

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Yup exactly. Held to the camper with go fast track nuts and the mount is held to brackets with some rivnuts. It has been super solid. We of course don’t drive with the dishy on the roof tho lol.

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