Stolen GFC and Colorado ZR2

Hopefully this is the right place to post this.

Posting this here incase they try to re-sell it. I had my 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 stolen with a GFC gen1 camper on top. Its in the Portland OR area and want other to be aware because it was clearly targeted. So if anyone tries to sell a grey GFC camper on here in the PDX area give me a shout. Also if youre in the PNW please keep your eyes peeled for this truck. Thank you all!!


Damm that’s harsh and yes this is a good place to post it regardless of the area it was taken these criminals may be on the move to a neighboring state and I am sure we would all inform the police and hope they would do their job.
Good Luck


Wow that’s terrible. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled as a fellow ZR2 + GFC owner. I’m in the Beaverton area.

That sucks. Will keep my eyes open around here. Does it have Oregon plates?

Thanks All.
It was recovered fully stripped. Waiting to hear from insurance now on what next steps are. GFC was MIA so thats a goner. Sucks man

Sorry to hear that, what a drag. I hope your insurance comes through.

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Sorry to hear that… thieves suck

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I’m sorry that this happened to you! Do you have any words of wisdom for the rest of us? Any idea how they bypassed the OEM security system to be able to drive away with it?

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No idea how they managed that. Im still waiting to hear back from insurance and when I do I’ll see if they know anything based off damage.

Wow, I am so sorry to hear that. Best of luck with insurance.

I had my Landcruiser stolen about a year ago. I got it back but it totally sucked. I know your pain. Super bummer about the GFC. Hopefully the insurance can cover it.

By the way I highly recommend I during the GFC campers my wife is an agent and we got mine insured. Lots of thieves these days and I wouldn’t take any chances.

Yeah I’m almost hoping they just total it out. otherwise Im worried about issues from the thieves stripping and sawing the whole thing. Insurance said the GFC is covered up until a certain amount. Wont fully replace it but it’ll help get me going on another GFC.

How horrible. I hope it works out. This is another reason to leave city life for good.

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We’re tryin. Got the house up for sale and were gonna head for small town life in CO.

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Great place to live. Love the small towns too. I lived in Colorado years ago and definitely miss it.