Stolen tacoma-denver

2017tacoma, SR5, two inch light, bronze black rhino stadium wheels. V1 GFC in black. Stolen from lodo in denver.

@GFC-Thayne thank you and the team for the help and the support

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small update. This photo below is a photo of the car that came with the guy that took my truck. They took a couple bikes as well as breaking into another vehicle. Im meeting with the construction company tomorrow that has cameras on the street to see if i can get a more clear photo of the plate.


Able to snag a plate off the Subaru?

thats the best photo we got from the cameras inside. im meeting with the construction company that is working across the tomorrow that has some cameras in hopes we can get a more clear shot, the subaru is likely stolen as well, had no front plate.

Maybe it’s just the lighting but the Subaru license plate looks red to me, like a fleet vehicle plate. Sorry about your rig, I will keep an eye out. Best of luck

TRUCK HAS BEEN FOUND. RAN OUT OF GAS A FEW MILES AWAY. the officer says that everything looks intact and not stripped. picking it up from impound in the morning.


Fantastic news!!!

didnt confirm with the officer if the GFC was on it but i imagine if all my shit was in the back seat still like she saw, the GFC probably hasnt moved. Hopefully…


Amazing! Congrats. I am now down in the San Juans but was in Denver for 11 years and shit gets stolen so often. The amount of friends who have had catalytic converters stolen is bonkers.

we have our lease here till Dec 1 and will be moving as west as i can with work haha

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Feel you! Did that in January this year. Remote helps.

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Happy to hear there was a positive outcome for ya! Thieves SUCK!

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Truck was recovered and brought home this morning. no damage, minimal things missing. It was ultimately found less than a mile away from where it was taken from. Huge shout out to @GFC-Thayne and the GFC guys for the support and everyone in this community. unreal support from you all.

Now time for some beers and a nap…


So sorry this happened to you but relieved it ended positively. I have had 2 vehicles (actually the same one twice!) stolen in Denver in the last decade. Both times it was locked and parked outside less than 50 feet from our bedroom window.

But that was a late 90s Civic. One police officer kindly informed me he could steal the car in 60 seconds with a butter knife.

With yours being a modern Tacoma, do you know how the thieves were able to steal the vehicle? I ask because I now drive a 2022 Tacoma and want to make sure I am covering all my bases from a safety standpoint.

I really don’t want to go back to using the club…

was total user error. I dont have a FOB, just hard key and live in what is advertised as an “extremely secure” locked garage. my truck was unlocked, i generally lock but dont always and my laziness didnt double check that evening. they were able to start from finding my hide a key that i had pulled out of its hiding spot when i recently moved so my gf could us the truck while i was at my office. So in the end complete user error. I did just order some air tags. going to put two separate ones hidden in the truck and im now shopping for a good keyless entry with alarm. not that an alarm is going to fully prevent theft but it will have me in a better habit of locking and double checking. All that being said, i am fucking lucky


anyone have any thoughts on this?

I’d look for one with a 2 way remote. TacomaWorld has a couple threads on remote starters/alarms.