Stone Fabric... Gray or Brown?

Random question, but for those of you have received the email that you will be getting the V2 camper and have looked at the pdf with color samples GFC sent out, do you think the color sample for the Stone tent fabric is Gray or Brown? Like I said, super random and not really important, but my girl friend and I have been debating what color it is so I thought I’d ask the only other people that have seen the sample…

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I thought it was a Sand color… which is not my favorite, so I will choose the Tangerine

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It does look kinda like a mix of the two, like @fatfurious2 said I think, almost like a sand. That is what I went with. While the choices are on opposite sides of the spectrum, I do appreciate them giving us a choice now.


I agree with the above: stone looks to be a hybrid between grey and brown. The yellow is just too bright/loud for my liking. I believe stone will hide wear marks better too.

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Previous bag RTT was red and it was gaudy against the landscape, IMHO. Everything outdoor eventually turns brown or worse, with wear & exposure. I chose to start brown/grey. Like @DannyEnder, I appreciate the option to choose.


Yea, I agree. I guess that’s why my girl friend and I can’t agree on which color it is. It’s just kind of a mix. After posting this thread last night, I did find on GFCs instagram somewhere they called the color “Stone Gray”. Who knows. Ha. Yellow was too bright for me too, so either way I’m going with the more muted earthy color.

I just envision every yellow puffy jacket, that’s been worn for years… stained at the pockets, cuffs, neck, elbows… badges of use but not an aesthetic I aspire to.

Side note… I do design work for a living and probably put too much weight behind finishes.

Be well, travel safe