Storage build- need hinge suggestions

I am building out the inside of my truck and I need suggestions on hinges. Here is my basic design. For each bench on the sides, I want a hinged door to open up to storage (and fridge access). Additionally, I want to have access to the area over the wheel wells, so hinges there too.

The benches will also be beds with self inflating mattress, so I’d prefer the hinges be hidden (unlike piano hinges which could damage mattress).

The fridge and stove will be on locking drawer slides.

This will be built from 1/2” and 3/4” Birch plywood. 3/4” is mostly used just for the top for the added strength.


Hey man! This is definitely what I imagine when dreaming of building my own! Is there any chance you have a hardware/materials list for this build??

I have a similar build, except my removable portion is more on the lookers right. This was by design, so in ‘bunk’ mode you can walk right in and stand up. But it really depends on how you intend to use your camper. Love the design. The modular design that converts to another sleeping platform is key. And it helps with storage containment :smiley:

I’ve selected my hinges- I bought one set for testing and I think they will work well. I have some slides in mind, but I haven’t selected them yet. I’ll share everything once I start building.

Sweet man!! Looking forward to following along!

What program are you using?

I am using SketchUp. It’s free for personal use- I’ve always been intimidated to learn it, but after watching a couple of tutorials on YouTube it quickly began to make sense and was easy to learn.

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Just some food for thought, hinges will only allow you to open it either from in the bed or out of the bed. I have a pretty similar setup to your design but I wanted to be sure that I could access anything in my bench storage either from in the bed or coming in from the sides of the GFC, outside the truck (for example if my dirt bike is on the back and I don’t want to have to take it off to get into the bed). I used latches on top of my storage and with these I can access either way.

These aren’t the exact ones but similar:

Do you have a picture of your setup? I am having a hard time picturing what you are describing.

Do you use hinges and these RV latches?

No hinges. I use these latches to hold the top of the benches on. Undo the latches and lift up the top to get access to what is in there. I’ll try to get a pic.

The front section is bolted down because that’s a drawer. I debated having that also be able to open from the top but didn’t end up doing that.


Not sure if you plan to carpet the top of your cabinets, but depending on the thickness of the carpet, it may be enough to protect the mattress from a standard piano hinge. Something to consider.

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What type of latches are these? This looks like a great option for storage access that keeps everything in storage cleaner than the cubby style bench storage I was considering.