Strut dust boots?

Has anyone figured out a dust boot solution for these struts? I searched the whole internet and the closest thing I could find was these plastic tube toys for kids.

I need something to keep the dust out to keep these things from failing again.

What it looks like installed:

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Interesting, if they don’t hold up, maybe use neoprene in a DIY solution similar to this:
If you have a sewing machine you could sew your own socks, otherwise maybe just wrap and zip ties, don’t know if that would work, but it’s an idea. I guess you’re driving lots of gravel roads, I don’t get really any dust at all in the shell, after sealing the tailgate with a generic tailgate seal off Amazon.

My 4 year old son has those things and I can’t say thats a sound i’d want to hear when camping!


Reminds me of the whistlindiesel videos where he slams the Hilux door 1000 times lol

I can’t say I’d want to listen to that either lol. I think you’d want to work on sealing your bed better

You know how some people say they can hear a picture? This is definitely one of those! My daughter had one too and I’ll never get that sound out of my head.