Stuck Tent Lock

Has anyone else had a tent lock not want to unlock? I tried to open the tent today and found out the passenger side tent lock doesn’t want to unlock and is now preventing me from opening the tent. Any tip on trying to fix it?

Try some penetrating lubricant. If it has been awhile since you opened it, the internal pins and tumblers may be rusted in place. After that, work the key in the lock repeatedly to spread the lubricant deeper into the mechanism. If it hasn’t opened up yet, let it sit for some time (perhaps several hours or overnight) and try again. Final solution is to drill it out, in which case you’ll want to center punch the cylinder and go slow, so you don’t damage anything else.


Sprayed some PTFE on it and got it loose. Definitely a good idea to keep them clean and lubricated

@ABernabe - I saw you submitted your Service Request Form as well, thanks for starting there! You good with us closing that ticket for you now that it sounds like the issue was resolved with your PTFE?

I was able to get it unlocked to open the tent but it’s still having trouble locking and unlocking correctly. I’m looking at the locking pin and the pin that keeps it locked in the cylinder seems to be stuck in some positions.

Got it, we’ll keep that ticket open and get back to you asap.