Super light awning

Has anyone purchased or seen in person the Litewing awning by Roofnest? All the other 270 type awnings I’ve seen are super heavy but looks like this one is only 28 pounds for the regular size and 38 pounds for the XL.

Haven’t been able to find any independent reviews on it yet but the light weight and integrated LED lights do seem very appealing.

Roofnest Litewing 270 awning

I’m no big city lawyer, but that large orange note might be why you haven’t seen much reviews.

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The delivery date has been updating continuously on a rolling 6 week window. When I first saw this in August, you would have received it end of September if you ordered it then.

For what it’s worth FSR has one that is 38lbs and out right now. I have one and it seems solid although any wind you def have to use the lines to secure it.

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