Super lite moutning

I am looking to purchase a used super lite. I have a couple I can afford. But here’s the rub: my bed rack (kb voodoo Colorado short bed) is 48 inches corner to corner, but between the gussets it’s only 32”. I’m thinking we wouldn’t want to bolt the strap around the gussets. Any ideas? Maybe crossbars bolted into the rack and then around those with the straps and bolts?

Hey @Sdewolfe - This is a tricky one, and after talking it over with the team, we unfortunately don’t have any options on our end to make the mounting work. Hopefully there’s a fabricator in your area who can make a bracket to accommodate the SuperLite, otherwise we would suggest a new rack that fits the SL’s dimensions.

Sorry we can’t provide a quick solution, but wishing you good luck.

Offset brackets i assume won’t clear it?