Super lite V3

So I missed every chance to buy the last release of the super lite v2. But I was lead t understand at the time GFC closed out the last release that they were/are looking to do some updates/upgrades and that there is going to be a super lite v3 - any word on this? Will there be a v3 and if so when can we expect to hear or see anything about it


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I’m not sure if there’s going to be a V3 so to speak or not however I know a big reason to stop production was so that they could make them in the USA like the rest of their products.

As far as timeline, I haven’t heard or seen anything about a release date.

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With the last release of the remaining stock of Superlites I believe it was mentioned that they were designing a full USA made version with the intent of announcing late this year. So I would guess late 3rd quarter early 1st quarter of next year.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I thought there was just the launch edition and the V1 model and that the new model will be the V2.

So far there is only the V1 that came in two variants:
A. The Launch Edition (upside down logo) and the rear flap is attached to the right edge of the rear opening.
B. V1(.5) with the rear flap attached to the top edge of the rear opening, so it works more like the flap of the regular tents.

Tent fabric was outsourced abroad (and I believe the sewing too) but the panels are the same produced in-house/sourced domestically.

The V2 is the all-USA/made in-house version to come (:crossed_fingers:).

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