Super Pacific USA - GFC Clone

Interesting to see some of the design choices, glad to see other companies popping up. Pricing seems similar too.


I’m sure there is some kind of technical nuance, but it sure looks and feels like straight up IP theft to me. But what do I know


yeah, seems like plagiarism. And $300.00 more without the generations of improvements. Be an earlier adopter on an untested product and pay more… hmm…

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I’d be willing to bet a bunch of money that the quality and customer service don’t touch GFC…



GFC welded triangulated DOM steel frame, stout hinges, versatility with the sleeping platform, constant improvement, and customer service, well, I like in this price range.
The Super Pacific USA I like the multiple entrance and ladder standard, that’s about it. Haven’t seen it in the wild.
Won’t be giving up my GFC build slot that’s for sure.


i do like the end of the t-slots are open the put in bolts

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AND univeral T-nuts work, none of that proprietary gibberish GFC forces us to deal with.


From their website, “Super Pacific is an endeavor that started like most good ones. In a backyard in Oregon over beers and bullshit.”
More like it started with gofastcampers and Vagabond Drifter and then we ripped off both of their designs and tried to make it our own.

It is a nice looking camper. I think more options are good for the market.

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Looks like solid competition for sure. They’ve definitely made some improvements on GFC’s design. They’ve obviously taken a close look at our complaints and addressed most of them. I think GFC will make some changes over time to match. There is a huge advantage to being a fast follower vs the market leader. BTW I don’t consider the Drifter to really be competition for GFC - It’s a totally different product IMHO.

Things I like - GFC take notice!

  • Single latch with ability to close from inside.
  • Sturdy hinges
  • Ladder included
  • No goofy proprietary T-nuts. I like the idea of GFC’s proprietary nuts but they’re finicky. I might decide that GFC’s system is better after screwing around with sliding nuts for a while…
  • Zippered tent attachment instead of snaps
  • The ability to leave the bedding in when you close the tent - this is a BIGGIE for me. I’m kinda drooling with jealousy on this one. And the ExPed mats are supposed to be crazy comfortable. This is a huge improvement. :star_struck:

Overall it looks well thought out. I think the market will bear several manufacturers. And from what I’ve seen it doesn’t look like Pacific is actually making campers yet. I think I saw that there has been one prototype or something.

I’m not planning to trade in my GFC anytime soon. :slight_smile:


You can get gzilla tnuts that work too btw

Exped pad mat seems nice but I see having to blow up the bed as a downgrade. Nothing better than rolling up to camp 12:00 at night and being in bed within 2 minutes.


The fact that it’s built likely an aircraft is pretty impressive. Rivets are far superior to welds… One of the partners was big into design for Nike and the other apparently was an engineer at Boeing… They aren’t a bunch of yahoo’s just banging beers and metal around. I hear people talking plagiarized concept. That’s like saying all books with covers and pages are copies of each other. It’s the pages that matter, and in my opinion, the contents of this product are far more refined than anything out there. There is nothing else like this as far quality in the build. They are a new company and I would imagine that they are very busy… It would be fair to say that there might be growing pains, but hey, all successful endeavors go through that… That’s part of the process.


That and they tend to like to develop leaks, despite costing an arm and a leg.