Super Pacific X1 vs. GFC V2 discussion

I agree they are really polished and well designed. They remind me a lot of my RSI Smartcap were it just felt high quality. The GFC had a much more cheap feel, but I don’t mind that for its cost and using it more like a work truck.

You definitely get what you pay for, but they have there fair share if leaking issues also unfortunately. I have talked to a few people in person with leaks in both the tent area and the truck bed, and lots of issues online.


Same here, I’ve heard they leak too

When I ordered the biggest issue was lead time. SP was 12 months, GFC 3 months. Seeing as my plant was closing in 2 months it was an easy choice. Saving $5k was the icing and cherry on top.


TBH, I have never seen a SP in the wild, and practically never on YouTube. I was wondering if they had gone out of business due to the pandemic.

SP has some nicer features (vents and 20" longer) which cost accordingly. I like that GFC is lean and mean - just what I need, nothing more. I can mod what I want, if I want it, which so far I haven’t. And the lighter weight and slightly smaller profile means more range in my electric F150.

That being said - if I planned on having someone else sleeping with me, I probably would have gotten an SP. But my wife has no interest in that kind of camping anymore, for which reason we have a trailer, too. And when I am on my own, I have the Freedom to Ramble, anywhere I want, in my GFC.

Personally, I don’t think it is one or the other is “better”. I think it depends on use-case. And I think both companies are to be commended for building excellent solutions for their particular use-cases. We, the campers benefit by having the choice. And, I expect that both will have some features of the other added at some point.


Curious to what kind of range impact the GFC has on the truck if you don’t mind sharing.

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“Curious to what kind of range impact the GFC has on the truck if you don’t mind sharing.”

On my gas F150, it was on the order of 2 MPG as I recall. Without it, I got about 24 MPG, and with it about 22MPG on long trips.

On the electric F150, I am not sure at this point, because range is affected so much by temperature, and it has been cold since I got it. And because I don’t have much comparison, as I the dealer moved the camper moved over the week after I got it, before I had a chance to do anything but go back and forth from work with the truck. Right now, with the temp 20F, I get about 210 miles on a full charge, per the gauge. That sounds about right, with how fast the range drops in the cold, when it was “learning” my truck/driving. is supposed to be 324miles when warm and fully charged. Hopefully when warm, it will get 275 miles or better.

I’ll update this forum when I know


Is there a spec for the SP Weight? I can’t find it anywhere. If it’s really over 100lbs heavier than the GFC and doesn’t have cross-bracing; I think that those are some limiting factors depending on the type of wheeling your doing. I drive a Tacoma; so that much weight is significant given the Tacoma’s 1200 lb. payload capacity.
Granted the SP is well thought out on some of these comfort factors, but I wonder how it would hold up if you caught air?

In addition to lower weight (and every reference I’ve seen puts SP at least 100 lbs heavier) another advantage to GFC is the lower profile when closed. I can get my Tacoma with a GFC into my garage but probably couldn’t fit a SP in there.


If you’re going to spend in the $12k+ range why not get an AluCab over literally anything else?

Think they are closer to ~$17k installed but I get your point.

Alucabs are nice but damn are they big!

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Sheesh inflation is bad. When I was looking at campers two years ago it was AluCab at $12k base or over $24k fully loaded, AT Overland in the $12-$16k range and then GFC in the $8-$10k range.

Insane to see so many new companies pop up in that timeframe and have GFC roughly keep costs damn near the same.

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One thing I don’t get about the SP is the sleeping platform seems too short, at least for me. With the dedicated passthrough area, that only leaves 80" for the exped. We’ve been using the megamat in the GFC for over a year, and at 6’ 2" I have to shove it all the way to the back door to give my feet any kind of clearance at the small end of the wedge. This is with the stock mattress completely removed too. From photos, I can’t see how the SP wouldn’t be more cramped without that extra 10".

I really wish GFC, SP, and other companies that make wedge campers gave dimensions on the side profile of the wedge, like angle and a reference distance from mattress to ceiling at a certain point. Just listing mattress dimensions is kind of misleading. Not all of that area is really useable, because our bodies are… three-dimensional.

How is this even a discussion or a debate?

The sleeping platform on the SP is LONGER than the GFC. And, they offer a crash pad to extend, which also creates a nice ledge when the bed platform is pushed back out of the way. It’s a better passthrough than the GFC.

As for the rest of the discussion - I’d love to support a Montana-ish company, but . . . Super Pac is the way to go: no leaks, mole panels, awesome heat system, lighting pass throughs, bomber construction (doesn’t look like a tin can on your rig). Just saying - after trying both: Super Pac = can’t go wrong.


Different strokes for different folks my guy. Even though the GFC and the SP campers are probably the most similar in the space I don’t think you can really say that one is better than the other.

For my application and needs, I disagree with almost everything you mention as a plus for the SP. Better pass through- I spend a lot of time in the desert and as much as I’ve tried(not that hard honestly) to seal off my bed dust will get in, so I prefer GFC’s transformafloor that seals off the tent area. Mole panels, heat system, lighting passthroughs… I don’t need any of that stuff so why should I pay for them. As for no leaks, that’s incorrect and I think you’d struggle to find any camper that hasn’t had leaking issues though I’ll admit GFC seems to have the lead on that one. But then again GFC also has more campers on the road than SP by a long shot, and even other campers that have been around for ages, so it’s probably not that far off in terms of scale. I also don’t agree that the GFC looks like a tin can, its sleeker and matches the body lines of my truck better in my opinion.

No hate for the SP, I still think it looks good and they do make a great camper as well, but GFC is the way to go for me. Can’t go wrong with either really.


lol “no leaks”? What does this even mean. I’ve had my GFC for 2 years and I’ve had zero leaks. I’m sure SP has had issues they’ve had to fix just like GFC and every other company ever.

What heating system are you referring to? Neither one of these products have integrated heating. And bomber proof? The GFC is literally proven to be “bomber proof”

You can’t say SP is better and not comparable, when the SP costs 5k more. But hey, if you want to come here and act like the SP is so superior, feel free lol.

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I also find it hilarious that you created a profile yesterday, you have one post, (this one) saying you’ve had both units, yet your response sounds like you’ve read some reddit threads on both products and never actually have had any campers ever :joy:


HAHAHAHA Nice catch. Get this guy outta here!

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I’m not sure why people come to forums to defend their brands/choices. It’s like people arguing over which vehicles are the best. I have had all kinds of makes, but I prefer Toyota. Matter of fact, I just bought a LC because I love them. Does it make it the best? For me, yes. As long as you’re happy with your choices/purchase, then roll with it. I wouldn’t go to a competitor and bash their product to defend my choice in another brand. It’s wild out there. Just enjoy what you got, and if Super Pacific is it, cool. People on here have a GFC for a reason. Just get out and camp and enjoy life, and while you’re at it, spread some love.



SP did announce their collaboration with Truma heater which is the same one that AT installs on their campers. I didn’t realize is but it’s something where Truma actually has to make the installer an authorized dealer.


Different slice of pie for everyone nowadays…and yes I have owned both. That’s the beautiful thing is people can have opinions on everything - at the end of the day, the world would be boring if we all selected the same items. Honestly, the only thing that matters is the user/camper is happy and people can get out and camp. Consider yourself lucky for being able to have a vehicle, a camper of any sort on it, and the ability to see the states/world.