Super Pacific X1 vs. GFC V2 discussion

Why do the SP folks make such a big deal about the molle? I remember when I started looking at pop top shells, the sp videos always brought that up immediately and went on for like 10 minutes about it… bro, its a molle panel, struck me as kind of gimmicky. CAN YOU PUT A TRUCK ON IT?

I will say the molle would be sick for certain build aspects but limits access from side panels.

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Vents would be nice or don’t throw out our warranty if we install a fan. Also ability to mount panels to the doors. Only things I personally see that could be nice for me personally but my GFC is already produced.

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so i looked at SP, GFC, and Lone Peak before I decided to go with GFC. With Alaska trip planned for this year, I started looking for a camper last year.
GFC has been my top choice since V1 came out (but I had a 4runner then so…) but with newcomers in the market I was interested in other choices. But, I chose GFC because:

  1. Weight - GFC is still the lightest of them all
  2. Lead time - GFC gives an estimate and stick with it. Not sure about SP’s ability to keep up with the lead time, but Lone Peak has been postponing their lead time over and over again when I was in the market. (I ended up getting a pre-owned because I didn’t want to wait LOL)
  3. GFC is the only camper in the category that’s Baja and jump rated. This video sold GFC to me:
    @dtourino on Instagram: "Anyone want to parallel me on a dirt bike for the next one? 8,000lb Truck + 90mph road gap. 🎥: @avvblanc"
  4. GFC forum gives me lots of ideas on building my camper out. I much rather spend the money and time to make my camper tailor to ME than buying things from the manufacturer
  5. GFC CS is rad both via internet and in person. I drove from SoCal to MT to get mine installed at the HQ and the people there are some of the nicest people I’ve met.

I do overland and offroad rigs, and I always have customers ask me about my camper and ask me for pointers when looking for a camper. I think I summarized it pretty well here:
I like to overengineer things when it comes to overland and offroad builds. I use Baja and desert runs as benchmarks, as both are more demanding to the rig itself, as those high speed vibrations and stress are much more.
If something is built to handle Baja and desert runs (and their thousands jumps), then it will be more than capable to handle the regular offroading people do. That’s why Kings and Foxes 2.5 are my go-to for suspension recommendations. That’s why Baja Designs and Switch-Pros are my only go-to for lighting and controller recommendations. Same goes for campers. I’ve yet to see anyone make that kind of jump with their SP or Lone Peak, and from the look of how those are built and the weight, I really don’t think those are going to last.
So if my customers are looking for a camper that works and will handle offroading, GFC is the only choice. If my customers are looking for a camper that gives the “glamping” experience, look at 4WC or some other ones that’s fully sealed with furnitures and take it really slow on trails.


I had a chance to check out a buddy’s SP on his Gladiator this weekend. I thought the build quality on it was pretty darn good and it has some pretty nice features.

You certainly get more features with the SP, but at the cost of both dollars and added weight. I ordered my GFC during the most recent Black Friday sale and have an install appointment in July (my choice, just based on hectic work schedule). At that time of placing my order it was a $6K price difference between the GFC and SP. On top of that price difference I’m trying desperately to keep my 22 Colorado build under the factory GWVR, and the GFC was really the only viable canopy camper option to make that happen and still be able to load up gear and my wife and kid, at least with the mods I already have on the truck. Also, I do wheel the truck and the design/rigidity of the GFC gives me significantly more peace of mind than a Lone Peak for sure, and the SP as well. I guess it depends on your budget and application.

I do agree with @GainzGFC in that I’m very grateful to have A truck with an install date for a A canopy camper and money left over for fuel to take me somewhere. :call_me_hand:


I love my GFC. I’ts light, it works, it’s dry and tough, for me. Period. I hope and expect other people love their Super Pacs just as much. We all win when different ideas get tried out in the marketplace and give options for people with different wants and needs.
I think it says a lot about the good spirit of GFC that they let a discussion like this be on their website! America needs more win-win and have a great time in the outdoors together, instead of I-win-you-lose attitudes.


i have to add though, I did have water intrusion on my V2 BUT I CANNOT CONFIRM IT’S DESIGN/ CRAFTSMANSHIP ISSUE FROM GFC…

because sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m leaning toward user error (aka, I didn’t close it good) but when I emailed GFC they sent me a kit for free.

To this day, I still don’t know if it’s user error or GFC’s problem. I’m still leaning toward user error.