Superlight sleeping setup

Seeing as we don’t have to worry about removing panels. I’m curious to see what others with a Superlight are using for mattress and sleeping set up.

I know people use the exped a lot but it’s a bit of a bummer not fitting the whole tent for the price.

I was thinking about just doing a 3in mattress topper cut to fit as a mattress but idk if that would be to soft.

So what’s everyone running?

I was running the mattress that GFC sells and I loved it.

Thanks for the tip I have been interested in there puffpad but it didn’t seem like there were many reviews so that helps a lot. I just figured before I spent that kinda money though I was wondering if people had cheaper solutions

i use 2 of these. Robot or human?

Awesome I was looking at something similar. I have contemplated a custom cut foam as well.

Does having the empty space since the mattress isn’t 90in cause any hassles?

a custom cut piece would be great too. there is space but nothing too big.the space can be used to put items on either end. shoes/pillow. seen a subject on here about using a blow up pool noodle to jam at the wedge end to get more height. havent tried it yet.

One thing to note with foam is that it can get hard when the weather gets cold. I used to use a big foam mattress topper when I slept in the bed of my truck (before my GFC days) and it would be a solid brick for at least 45 minutes until it warmed up a little bit from me laying on it.

Huh that’s not a bad idea. Because the panels are free floating in the bag correct? So u should be able to lift it up in theory if the straps at the front were loosened . Is there a thread on it or just someone mentioned it?

Thanks man that’s good to know. If I go that route I may just have to stick a buddy heater up there before I get to bed. Or an electric blanket

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yes the 3 fold up foam panels are removable and washable and come with a carry case. reason why i got them. youll have to search a bit back but there was a thread talking about using a Amazon blow up water pickle pool noodle to use as a wedge to get more foot height. i bought one to try. think it was like 8$ using a Mr. heater may add to condensation inside your tent… i run one of those rechargeable usb fans to help with ventilation. there are 12 volt blankets and a company that makes a heated twin size pad. a down comforter or sleeping bag if using in the bitter cold i would look at.

We really dig our superlite gfc mattress! Nice and adjustable firmness/softness. Been holding up great for a year already. It’s also super nice for visitors at our house or tossing in a base camp ground tent.

And a shameless plug for our down blanket – best of both worlds with a camp blanket that’s as warm as a super nice 15F down sleeping bag but able to sleep loose and not like a mummy :call_me_hand: and toss in the discount code GOFAST10 ($50 off) for all the gfc peeps!

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I just listed a like-new PuffPad. Could help defer a bit of cost.

Appreciate the offer man but I think I may go a little less expensive route

I ended up going with the first link below from Amazon because of the near perfect fit and that it didnt use memory foam. But I also got a bad one that leaked so not sure I’m 100% confident in recommending it but the second link has great reviews and is actually thicker I think.

  2. https://www.steepandcheap.comstoic-double-cloud-camp-bed-lux
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We use the GFC PuffPad/Superlite mattress with a 1.5 inch foam topper (from Bed Bath and Beyond — maybe $20 IIRC). We did two trips (each ~10 days) with the PuffPad alone but I wanted a bit more cush (my wife was just fine) and the topper provides a bit more of that memory foam feel that we’re used to from having one at home. We’ve done two more trips of about ~10 days each and the foam topper was well worth it.

I had commented about a rolled up yoga mat in the big Superlite thread, that we use to raise the height for foot space on the hinge end, and we’ve moved to a yoga block as it doesn’t compress as much, is lightweight, and occupies less real estate. If you get it right, you can also use two heights depending on which side you turn the block on.


What size topper pad did you use in the tent? Thanks!

@Timbed4 We picked up a Full which measures at 72L x 50W, which fits the width of the Superlite well. We have it snuggled up at the top/head/back area with the part that doesn’t cover the rest of the pad towards the wedge/hinge/foot area since that isn’t super usable space.

Thank you I will probably do the same. I love the crash pad, but on my side sleeping I definitely feel it in my hips

@Timbed4 Same. The topper has definitely helped.

I’ve got the Therma-Rest MondoKing 3D XXL. its 80" x 30" x 4". It’s super comfortable. I made a cover for it with duck canvas on the bottom and sides and a heavyweight fleece on the top. This not only adds protection from possible punctures, but also comfort when not using a sleeping bag. I’m 6’, so I have it set diagonally on the floor.