Superlite #8881 available

I have spot/tent #8881, 20 Jan 2021 order date that I’m interested in offloading. $2,100 OBO. Based on GFC new method of sharing their production statistics spot #8881 will be built in the next 30-60 days. But, i can’t verify my thoughts on this with certainty, it is still up to GFC to execute on this build date.

Ladder and Mattress included, in addition to shipping to places on the East side of the Country (i paid $250 for shipping). I posted in the forum asking if transfers on this tent is something GFC facilitates and got mixed feedback. I think that If i and the buyer manage the payment, GFC will adjust the shipping address.

For those interested in my motivations see below. I am not selling because I don’t like GFC, i do like GFC, they are great and maybe someday i’ll get a GFC product.

  1. I somewhat impulsively purchased this RTT last January as I knew that I would be selling my offroad trailer in the Spring (which i did, sold my tentrax trailer, i got tired of pulling a trailer). I figured I’d give a roof top tent a try and see if I liked it.
  2. When I originally ordered it I thought i’d have it for my summer travels. As the delivery was delayed, I purchased a non-RTT tent for this summer’s camping and I’ve enjoyed it very much, I’ll just use that for the long term.
  3. Most importantly, I purchased an expensive car and I’d like to toss the Cash I spent on the ultralite to that purchase.

Thx, Casey

Please send any inquires to

Good morning. I’m interested in working something out. I’ve sent you an email so maybe we can work out the details there. Thanks

I emailed you as well just in case. I also live on the east coast

Is this sold? I emailed as well, thank you

I’ve emailed him twice and messaged on here and no reaponse

This has been sold, thanks for all the replies.

Did you end up transferring or taking delivery and then selling? I have a batch 3 spot I need to sell, that should be completed soon, and as wondering what the option are.

Ericnjttz, if you are able to transfer and have it shipped to me, please let me know. I’d definitely be interested in that. Thanks.

Are you still looking for a Superlite on the East coast? I am about to sell mine. Only just for one trip, excellent condition.