Superlite custom mounting options

Has anyone modified their GFC Superlite subfloor for custom mount points instead of the standard mounting tracks?

I have a Rhino Rack pioneer platform and I dont have clearance under the rack to use the standard brackets. In order to get the tent as low as possible on the rack I would like to drill a hole through the tent subfloor and use a bolt facing upward that the bolt head slides into the rack channels and the threads are exposed on the inside of the tent. From there I would tighten with a washer and nut from the inside.

I did this on my previous roof top tent because the subfloor was a rigid single piece of wood. I dont have a Superlite in person to see if this would work or not. I know the tent is made of some honeycomb plastic base so any input would be greatly appreciated!

Example from my previous tent. The bolt heads slide into the rack channels.

Completely unrelated but are you from NWA??

Yes I am from NWA. .

Ah yes, Grants scale wheeling buddy. I just bought one too so see ya out there!

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Nice man! Small world. You got a superlite? I would love to see it in person if you are around this area.

Ive got the full truck bed one… do you have one on order?

I dont, but Im currently in the market and exploring options. I have narrowed my options down to a Superlite, or doing an Ursa Minor J30 for the Jeep. Which is similar to the truck top, but replaces the hard top for the Jeep JKU.

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