Superlite + ladder for sale

Superlite and ladder for sale in Northern Michigan - $2000.


Any photos you could share? I’m in the Detroit area and may be interested pending the condition of the RTT. @shue

I can take more this weekend but these are just recent ones.

Hi Shue. This is Luis from Madrid, Spain. I’m interested in your Superlite tent. Still available? Best, L

Bump. Tent is still available. Placing in heated storage this weekend as I’ve locked in my camper install date.

I’m interested but live in Cali. How would we get it here? What does shipping something like this look like?

Interested - where are you in northern MI? I’m near Detroit

I would prefer local pickup. Once it’s off the truck I won’t be able to transport anywhere. I’m located in Traverse City.

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Please shoot me a pm so we can chat further about pickup!

@shue Im new on the forum here but very interested. Please let me know what the best way to contact you about the tent is!

PM please, let’s talk