SuperLite Ladder Mount Mod

I’m not a fan of having a tether to secure the ladder to the SuperLite. I wanted something more stable that would work in all conditions, even when the ground was loose or uneven.

My SuperLite is mounted on a Front Runner rack. There is a channel on the top of the rails that can be used for attaching accessories. My solution uses two 1.5” RAM balls and a 5” arm. One ball is mounted to the backside of a piece of 1/4” angle aluminum. This is bolted to the rail. The other ball is attached to the ladder. When the arm is connected, the ladder cannot move. It also doesn’t touch the tent, so there’s no chance of “wear” to the tent.

I can also use it for mounting other accessories, such as a rod holder.

With some ingenuity, a variation of this setup should work with any platform type of rack system.


Brilliant! And even more praise for 20 characters.

Thanks for the great idea! I used two Ram mounts for additional security - only one is visible in top photo. Works great and there’s zero movement when I go up and down the ladder.

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Hey Gary,

How is the stability with just one ball?


No problem. I’ve only had it slip once, but that was fixed by tightening the clamp.

Some RAM balls may be a little slick, making it difficult to get a good grip. In those cases, lightly sandpaper the ball.

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