Superlite + Leitner Rack + Cash for GFC - 3G Taco 6' LB in SoCal

Figured this is a long shot, but here it goes. Before you ask, not looking to separate with the Superlite on its own.

Offering: Leitner ACS Classic Rack, Launch Edition Superlite (mattress and ladder included), and cash (amount depends on condition/options/version of GFC).

Want: V1 or V2 GFC for a 3rd Gen Tacoma 6’ long bed. Willing to drive anywhere within reason for the right deal.

Leitner rack is just over a year old and includes Gearpod XL Gen1, 2 universal mounting plates, Leitner awning mounting brackets/hardware, and Leitner RTT brackets for the Superlite. Complete bolt on setup, no drilling required.

Superlite has been used 5 times, in great condition. Stored off the truck in the garage at all times unless I’m camping. Comes with mattress and ladder.

Thanks for looking. Available at

Respect you don’t wanna split the tent. If you change your mind please let me know, thank you and good luck with the trade.