Superlite Locking Kit


Looks like with GFC stopping production on the Superlite the accessories are also being paused? If so…is anyone selling their locking kit? I have the quick release mounts but have been waiting for GFC to produce more locking kits. Guess I waiting too long.

Thanks in advance!

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Below is from SuperLite Update


@MBBME Thanks for sharing this for us, amigo! @NotNotNat, if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at



Thank you very much @Thayne

Looks like they’re available! Seems like a single lock would do the trick, no?

Did these already sell out again? I have been waiting for 3-4 months checking every week or so. I never got an email about a re-stock like they said would be done.

@GFC is another run coming soon, or can we put our name on a waitlist of sorts so we dont miss out again? I am fine being patient and waiting, but the camping season is quickly approaching where I like ot leave my tent on for a a few weeks - months at a time but can’t risk it not being secure.

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