SuperLite on a Victory4x4 rack

I have a Victory4x4 rack mounted on my Lexus GX470:

I’m also expecting my SuperLite to be delivered in the very near future (in fact, the ladder and air mattress are arriving today).

Has anyone else installed a SuperLite onto a Victory4x4 rack? Any secrets or tips I should know about? Any accessories I should have on hand to make this installation easier or more successful?


Actually just installed one today on a 4th gen 4runner.

Be prepared to run to the hardware store and get another size bolt. In the kit, the short ones were too small and large were too big (for my rack).

2 options…

  1. Put the tent on the rack, line up and start mounting. Start with the rears and remove the rear piece of the rack for better access. Access the fronts through the sunroof if you have one.

  2. Put the tent on the rack and mark where you want to install. Remove tent and cross bars and install on the ground, and then reinstall as a whole.

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For those of you with a Victory4x4 rack (and probably other similar racks like a Printsu) you want to buy screws like these, but 1-1/2" long:

You want socket-head cap screws because that’s the screw head that can fit into the recessed holes in the strap hardware that GFC provides with the SuperLite. And the 5/16-18 threads will feed into the T-nuts that GFC provides to slide into the tracks on the bottom of the SuperLite.

Hope this helps!