Superlite on Front Runner Rack

Wondering if anyone has had success mounting their Superlite to a Front Runner Slimline Roof rack with the Front Runner tall mounting brackets?

Running into issues with the GFC 5/16 1” bolt and T-nut combination not fitting into the tent extrusion because if their combined height.

Can’t you replace the 1" bolts with the correct size stainless bolts? It would have been nice if they included the correct size, but it shouldn’t cost too much to replace them.

On my FR rack, I’m using the FR quick release system. FYI – Their locking mechanism is pathetic. I really like the simplistic design of the GFC QR mounts vs the large, complicated FR QR mounts. The locking mechanism on the GFC mounts are also far superior to the FR mounts. Unfortunately for me, the GFC QR mounts were still in development, so I went with the FR version.