Superlite on gobi

Has anyone mounted a superlite on a 5th gen 4Runner gobi rack?

Tried mounting for the first time this evening. Everything matches up and looks like it will mount perfect except the included bolts from GFC are to long, so I will have to wait until Sunday to get it done.

I do have the elevation crossbars from Gobi. The regular stealth rack cross bars will not work

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Thanks! Does it seem like it will be easy to mount the crossbars on the rack with the tent in them? Can you show me some picture when your done?

Thanks again.

Hey! Wanted to follow up on see how this went? Can you share any photos?

Super easy mounting with the Gobi raised cross bars.

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You’re awesome, thanks for posting. Looking like the elevated bars a a must to clear the riser at the front. I was hoping I could mount with the normal removable bars, but looks like that wont work.


Sorry for the radio silence, don’t get on here to often this time of year. Yeah, I tried it with out the raised bars and it doesn’t work. The raised bars give it just enough to clear the front riser. It’s not the cleanest look by any means, but ya gotta dance with the one that brought ya right?

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No problem at all! I ended up going the route of changing roof racks. The prinsu being less expensive allowed me to pocket a little cash after making the change and selling the Gobi.

I was afraid of needing raised crossbars…Gobi just teased their Bronco rack and after all this wait…SMS Exposed Racks might be my solution for this summer.

Hello!! What size bolts did you use for the gobi elevated cross bars?? Would 2" work?