Superlite on the 5th Gen 4runner OE crossbars

Here is the superlite on my 2010 4runner
The long bolts supplied are too long. In the photo i have some medium and short bolts with a stubby 13mm wratchet wrench avalible at harbor freight.
slide the square nuts into position with the super lite off center
notice in the picture one rail is on the thinner crossbar and the other is closer to the rail where th cross bar inserts into the rail tube.
use the medium bolts for the thin section and the medium bolts for the thicker section. I run an awning so it has to be offset anyway.
Let me know if you have any questions

the forum will only allow me one photo per post so let me try to add some more photos



@TexasSlinger Hey man, reviving an old thread, wondering if you can provide a little more detail on your setup? I am planning on installing my supernate on stock 4runner rails as well.

Do you have any more pictures of the setup? I see the pass side, but not drivers. And exactly what size bolts go on each segment? Appreciate the response.