Superlite pole installation

Seemingly dumb question. Are the poles supposed to go all the way into the corners? Or are they supposed to rest on the ridged panels?

Looking at the design with the loops in the very corners and the velcro I would guess the poles maybe should go all the way into the corners, but it also makes sense to me to have them against the panels to reduce strain on the fabric.

Not a dumb question at all! While the poles can go directly into the bottom corner, for the top we’ve found that resting it against the honeycomb plastcore roof is best. Some have also mentioned that this method also allows for easier adjustment of the tent doors/ zippers.

While we have some videos on our YouTube channel, I really dig this SuperLite “walk around” by one of our customers and favorite content creators, that highlights setup and other tips. Hope that helps!

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Yes that answers it exactly. I had watched that Justin McBride video before but missed how he was placing the poles.


I’m a bit confused on this. So where exactly do the poles need to rest on the top part of the tent? If possible, can you show a picture? I wasn’t completely sure how to set this up properly. @NotthatJZ @Thayne

I have my tent stored right now. But when I put it back on in a week or so I will be sure to get some photos. I have been resting the poles against the rigid plastcore panel. Not all the way into the corner against the fabric.

I noticed that if I go all the way into the corner that the end caps tend come off when taking down the tent.

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Here is where I have been placing the poles. Both top and bottom are resting on the ridged panels.
If you look at the very corners off the panels the fabric is reinforced. So pole placement there shouldn’t be an issue. The few times I tried that I had issues with the ends popping off the poles so it is just easier to have them against the ridged panels.

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