Superlite rain fly pole holder

Working on a pole holder for my Superlite. Since there isn’t a way to mount a pole holder like other GFC tents, I’m mounting it to the Prinsu rack that I have.


I imagine this will work on a variety of Prinsu and Sherpa racks.

Currently, the pole hole is drilled in at a 90* angle, but I’m not getting enough tension from the pole to keep the fly tight, so V2.0 will have an angle that will hopefully solve this.


Nice simple design! I wonder if you could make it work going all the way back to the tent mounting rails for people who have a factory rack or simple crossbar setup.

It may not work on all racks but the current pole holders would work on your rack. Just drill two holes where you want each holder and bolt throug the rack. That would give you your angle and something thicker to hold the pole other than just the rack

looks great! glad to see they are starting to ship.

Looks ideal for the Prinsu. Where can these be found/ordered?

There are 2 different Guys that make these. They both sell them with the track nuts for the gfc camper.You might want to contact them to see if you can get them without the track nuts since you wont need them. One is on Instagramwith username Shittco and the other is on Facebook username Gzila Designs.

Have been curious as to who invented them and who came second?

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I bet if you reach out to Greg at zila designs he’ll fab something up for you…he will make anything for on any rack

Shoot Colin an email he can get you squared away. He just made a batch of these pole holders last weekend and they turned out real nice :ok_hand:t2:

If anyone has suggestions for using a pole like this with a superlight on factory style roof rack? The “fly blocks” above look great however won’t work with a factory type rack. Thanks!

What is everyone using for the poles? I like this idea.