Superlite RTT w/ Trans-Form-A-Floor

I’m interested to know if GFC can build a superlite tent with Trans-Form-A-Floor. I plan to replace my Yakima tent eventually and the Superlite w removable floors would be a great replacement.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!


Someone asked this question on GFC’s Instagram stream last week or the week before last. GFC‘s official word on that was no buy a Camper if you want a removable for. It defeats the purpose of the super light.

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RTTs go on a vehicle roof. Even if there was a removable transform floor, it’s on the outside of the vehicle on the roof. It wouldn’t make any difference. Unless I’m not understanding the situation.



Asked that question on GFC’s live Instagram feed. Tuesday nights 7 PM Mountain standard time.

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I attached a picture of my current set up. I plan to build my own frame so I would only need a RTT with removable floor. My application is different than most builds.

Think I see what you mean wanting to use the GFC on the back of your modified flat bed (has sides). Not sure if the superlite would work as I believe the construction is significantly different. I think they might be able to customize the platform rooftop tent to include the modular floor, but you would have to work with the GFC team if they are willing to do custom work. Initial thoughts are the rear cross bar (your current rack) would interfere with the modular floor (located same location as in camper).

Yeah I don’t think that’s something GFC will do. If they wont even do custom powder coating anymore for the panels doubt they’ll do that.

Oh for sure, those Yakima round tubes will not be used. I have a fabricator of choice near me who is going to build the frame. I just need a RTT with removable floors. It is a short term goal for me 6-12 months so I will check back with GFC later down the road if they will be able to sell me their platform RTT (not the lite version) with their removable floor design without buying the whole camper set up.