Superlite section of forums?

It’s been a few months since I’ve been to the forums, but I could have sworn there was a section just for Superlite posts before. Would like to see this returned/added as it’s a very specific product with a particular group of owners and finding any posts about an SL can be difficult when looking through general discussion.

Hey @theindiearrmy - We’re stoked to have you as part of the community! We took product specific subcategories out as it was segregating things a bit, and we wanted more conversations to flourish. While that has worked well, I totally get your frustration when it comes to hunting for specific content.

However, have you tried our search functionality? It’s much better than scrolling through sections of the forums, and you can use our advanced search to get even more granular as seen below. This way you can look within General Discussion and other categories depending on the need.

Hopefully this helps, but if you don’t see the right topic go ahead and create one. :call_me_hand:

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Thanks Thayne.

I think it makes sense to segregate Superlite from other products, because it’s vastly different. Thanks for the tips on searching, but that’s not really conducive to how I use forums. I like to be able to go to the subforum that pertains to me and quickly see topics ordered by last reply and quickly see which topics have replies I haven’t read. I would consider these vital features of a forum that we’ve now lost. Search results cannot be sorted by latest reply and won’t show me which posts have replies new to me. So it’s not really a viable alternative to Superlites having their own section.

Further more, “SL” is a common abbreviation for the product and it is also too short to be a valid search term. So anything with SL used throughout instead of the full product name may be missed in a search.

For these reasons, I hope to see this decision reversed so we can once again use the forum features that we’ve lost with this change that helped us find post and replies pertinent to our product.

I’d +1 to that. I get the desire to have threads be more general, but the Superlite is a bit of a special category as the mods/tips/etc. are quite specific to its construction.

Search is great and all, but many forums (and their underlying software including Discourse) or even other products’ (Slack, etc.) search leaves much to be desired in finding pertinent or specific information.

In general, I know there’s a forum post upgrades thread, but I do find the default view makes the forum look stale since Latest isn’t the default (yes, I do know there’s a tab for that). While this might work for those who know the forum well (though I find it a regression in user experience) or are familiar, it might be less appealing for those new to the forums.

That said, appreciate you listening/reading @Thayne.


@weightshift - Thanks for the feedback! Search engines leave a lot to be desired as they need to appeal to a broad group, but I’m happy that Discourse’s advanced search is one of the better options around.

That said, I’ve felt similarly with the recent top page changes and have reverted back to the old norms. Genuinely appreciate you taking the time to address this and your particular user experience; helps us a lot.

Hope you and anyone else who reads this get out on a fun adventure this weekend. Cheers.

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Discourse’s is certainly one of the better ones out there. Forget trying to find anything on IH8MUD for example, hah.

I think I was flummoxed by a search I had to do some time ago around the track spacing on the Superlite which was mentioned a year ago in what was the big Superlite updates thread, but that took some specific keyword-smithing to track down, but eventually found. No fault of Discourse, it was a reply to something else about the Superlite.

Oh, and thanks for the switch back — it was a good experiment for sure. But I do love seeing the life around the forum and what people are interested in/posting to. Even though I don’t own a hard product (though friends own both the RTT and platform camper), this is one of the best communities and it’s always fun to read through everyone’s experiences and builds.

Hope you get out too @GFC-Thayne !

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