Superlite Security

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Through a misunderstanding on my part and poor communication on GFCs part, I missed out on getting the locks for the quick release mounts. I would like to be able to secure my tent but want to be able to easily take it on and off. Ideally I would like to not wait 2-6 months until the locks are back in stock. Does anyone have ideas on how to secure the tent to the vehicle using the quick release mounts?
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No responses so far! I’ve been working on this and have come up with something that I think will work until the locks come back into stock.
I am going to install the aluminum loops that hold the ladder straps to the superlite rail with security hardware somewhere above the rack. I bought a Masterlock Python cable lock that will thread through the loops and around the rack. I’m only planning to use the Python when we leave the vehicle/tent at a trailhead or other high risk area.
Meanwhile, I hope the quick release locks come back into stock soon!
I can post pictures if anyone is interested - the security bolts should be here tomorrow.

Please do. Been considering ideas as well.

I have thought of running two locking ratchet straps
Through my uptop overland bed rack to secure it. Security ratchet straps have steel cables running through them. So they would take some time to cut through

Not elegant, but it will work until the real locks are back in stock.

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