Superlite super noisy in wind?

After about ten nights in my GFC superlite I’ve found it to be unbearably noisy in when windy, specifically the tent fabric flapping. I would assume it’s a tension issue with the poles but I cant get the poles any tighter. Has anyone else found this to be an issue or is this just user error??

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Tension is the answer, and the tent can definitely be noisy when it’s windy out. I generally do my best to point it into the wind so the wind that comes over the sides is less. I do use a yoga block at the front of the wedge to prop it up and the panels don’t touch at that end, which seems to buffer and give some “suspension” to the set-up.

I did find out it’s actually a little better/less bothersome when I’ve used the FredRunner fly blocks with the poles that pulls the side flaps out and tensions them. Good in warmer weather and milder winds, but not for the gusty nights.

All that said: it’s still a fabric tent at the end of the day, and tents are just prone to flapping and wind.

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