Superlite V2 or just a dream

For those following gfc_superlite on IG.
Did they post something on their stories… something like… “be prepared for a big announcement” or something like that?
Or was it all a dream.

I’ve been holding out for their v2 but the one from inspired overland is starting to look like the only option left.

Any know or heard of any updates or rumors.

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I think that was for the GFC Topper launch, not the SuperLite V2. I’d personally wait for the SuperLite over the Inspired Overland tent…I’ve had my SuperLite for 8 months now and love it.


I did see a tease on both IG and in a email promotion mentioning a GFC announcement about V1 Superlites on the 21st

Correct, todays the day if you’re looking to buy a SuperLite

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thanks for the update! I saw their post.
I actually ended up buying my buddy’s superlite launch edition.

When I saw GFC’s post, I was hoping to see a V2 to see what upgrades they would’ve done.

How do we buy? I didnt see it on their website?

i think you still need to wait for their announcement.

@jasxn - awesome thank you.

To anyone that may be able to help… I have been clicking on that all day and it says sold out. I chatted with the chat box and got a reply earlier today saying it was going live today. But still havent been able to get one.

did i miss this? did it come and go a sell out that fast?

Any insights out there are very appreciated.

ahhhhhh - i found it…

happy Thanksgiving!!

but crap… sold out… arrrg - sorry for all the posts everyone… dang. Says next drop is 11/25. I will try then.

Subscribe to the email list and you’ll find out some good info, for example an early SuperLite drop:

“We’ll be putting 120 live on Thanksgiving day, at 7pm Pacific”


Man, these sure went fast. Had one in loaded in my cart and by the time I entered my payment info it was sold out and removed from the cart.

I guess I will wait for another drop or hold off for the V2 later next year

The next drop is tomorrow morning at 8am PST

Gotta love this drop economy

good luck ya’ll! and hope you all had a great thanksgivings

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Yeah, Skunked again at the 8am drop. by the time I hit submit on the order the cart updated and the Superlite was out of stock. That literally took 1 min.

I’m tired of companies who don’t treat a shopping cart like an actual shopping cart. If I go to the grocery store and put something in my cart, it’s essentially mine. Someone can’t go up to the rack, take another item and then that item magically disappears for my cart. There are plenty of online stores that pull the items from their inventory quantity the moment it gets put into someone’s cart. Thus allowing the person to not have to race to click and type to get the deal done. It’s always disappointing when a merchant doesn’t do this.

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They just dropped more! I was able to get one. They are already gone, but it might not be a bad idea to refresh throughout the day until we hear word on another official time.

Edit: Looks like next drop is 12/9 at 7PM PST.

Until you pay for it, its up to anyone. Anyone can go into your cart and take it from you and pay for it. Thats how buying things works…

That’s not how buying things works at all. People at the grocery store don’t just go up to other’s carts and take items out of them. There are plenty of online merchants that don’t allow it either, especially with hot items. When you go to buy tickets for example, they are put in your cart and held for you for a certain amount of time. This allows you to not have to rush to put in your payment info and you can do it at a relaxed and comfortable pace.

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