Superlite V2 suggestions

While I love my superlite for what it is, I hope the hold on production means an even better version 2 sometime in the future. I’ll use the heck out of mine until then, and will never put a heavier tent on my roof, but I’d suggest some changes in V2 to make the tent even better.

  • Footroom needs to be improved. At 6’2” I have to sleep diagonally or on my side. Forget feet up. Even my daughter at 5’8” finds it annoyingly tight down at the feet. There’s got to be some ways to raise the foot with some extra material and maybe a very light exoskeleton. That could also stabilize the fabric hinge which twists badly in side winds.

-External poles: put cups in the outside corners so you don’t have to reach inside the tent to prop up the poles. Would make set up and tear down while standing on the ladder a zillion times easier than fiddling with poles inside the tent.

  • Redo the front door and make it into a top down awning. I get the reasons for the front door opening the way it does, but it’s pretty much a fail in my book. Doesn’t really accomplish anything useful the way it is. Include some light tension poles and make it into a standard top down awning/door. Won’t add any weight, but would give you a chance to get in the tent when it’s raining. I suspect the people who designed the current door always camp in the desert where it doesn’t rain.

Other than that, I’d keep everything else the same. The weight and low profile are fantastic, zippers top notch, mattress is super comfortable, and side pop out vents work great for ventilation. Fixing some of these other things, especially foot room, would make it the product it should be.


I think these are great suggestions based on my experience using the tent in the rain. The awning door also adds a ventilation option that works in the rain. The external poles allow setup and teardown with the door zipped closed and the tent interior protected from rain.

Thanks for articulating this feedback. I don’t mind the internal poles too much, but foot room (I’m 6’3") and the front door opening are my two annoyances.