Superlite Wind Experiences?

I couldn’t find much info on this for the Superlite. What is everyone’s experience with this tent and the wind? It’s not rigid like the RTT or Camper but I think holds some advantages and disadvantages to using this tent in windy conditions.

I recently went on a trip to Joshua Tree National Park. And that place can be windy, pretty much year round. It was the perfect place to test out this tent. And what I found was that the wind will cause this tent to sit crooked. The poles are great in that they don’t collapse under the wind, but they do move. No movement from the corners, but the top of the tent itself will move and the prop rods move with it. I tightened down the front straps and that didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Fortunately we had some 550 paracord and made guy outs from the back corners of the tent and used rocks to hold them down (big rocks). Problem solved! Tent handled the wind perfect after that.

So now I’m in Barstow for 10 days camping for my job (rough life I know) and it’s always windy here. Hopefully this will really put the tent to the test. I came prepared this time though, bought some sections of rebar and reflective paracord so I don’t trip on it and fall on my face in the middle of the night!

Any other tips or experiences with the wind?

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We have taken our Superlite to Cape Lookout which can also be windy. I did notice the wind will “push” the tent similar to what you described; however, I didn’t notice it setting crooked. The wind was not so strong as we felt we needed to use any type of guy lines.

Setting up in the wind was a little interesting; but, it usually is no matter what you are setting up.

I know this may not be much help. Just our experience. I can see where the design would lead to the problems you experienced.

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