Superlite wind whistle

Has anyone experienced a high pitched wind whistle from their Superlite? There is the expectable low pitched hum from typical wind noise, but there has developed a second, sharp whistle coming from my roof.

It could be from some dynamic between my (very standard) roof rack and the superlite, but has anyone else experienced this, and moreover, has anyone solved it?

I just loved my Superlite from my 2012 pathfinder sitting on top of a set of rhino rack aero crossbars to my 4Runner sitting on top of a Sherpa Crestone full rack. Never any whistling on the Pathfinder. The 4Runner with the rack no whistling. But with the Superlite on the 4Runner I did get a very bad whistling coming from air diverting below the tent between it and the roof rack. I used some painters tape to experiment with covering the top two slots in the front 8020 cross rail on the rack and it solved the issue. I have ordered some 8020 slot cover to solve it permanently.

I just switched to 8020 rails, and the tone of the whistle switched. I had covered up the small holes and some other places a bit ago with some tape, but no success. I’m using the offset plates, and I have them torqued enough to bend slightly. Been meaning to cover the extra holes on that to see if it clears up.

Btw, I’m in Cleveland, outside of Chattanooga. You in E TN, if you don’t mind me asking?