Surfboard Tie Down

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What is everyone using to secure their surfboards to the Beef Racks using the track nuggets. Thanks for the ideas.

I just use straps. Why do you need to utilize the nuggets?

Just NRS straps around the bars for me.

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yea straps suck just wondering if there was an easier alternative. if you have the nuggets why not use them.

If you use a cam strap that’s got the smaller hooks on each end you can use those with the track nuggets. That is the system I will be using for my sups.

I have track nuggets. Personally I do not think they are faster or more efficient when tying stuff down on top of the gfc/ beef bars. The reason GFC created these was to work with the flight deck system and I see them much more functional for that. With a cam strap you run it underneath the bar over your board or kayak and you’re done. With the track nuggets first you get your track nuggets out from where you have then stored and have to meticulously place each one in the beef bars slots. Then you have to get your ratched straps out and run them over the kayak and strap them down. Not that big of a deal but I believe this type of strap system is better suited for the flight deck or perhaps lumber. I used them a couple of times to strap lumber down but then I switched over to the cam strap because it’s just faster. Go ahead and time yourself the track nuggets are just slower. After you’re done you also have to put the track nuggets away. It’s just more time-consuming in my opinion. I should probably sell these track nuggets as I don’t use them.


Agreed with the above. I can strap down one or two paddle boards much faster with a long boat strap than using a shorter strap with the nuggets which won’t get left on the rack anyway.

I got several of these on Amazon to tie my pontoon float tube to the roof.

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I wish they produce something like this that was just a little bit more burly. I would worry about cranking a tiedown and ripping that out of the extrusion, or damaging the extrusion for that matter!

Where can I get the tie down for my beef bars. Thank you