Swap from 2nd to 3rd gen Taco?


I looked through the forum, but couldn’t find anything definitive on swapping to a new truck. I have 2013 DCLB, wondering if I buy a 3rd gen DCLB if I will be able to swap the camper over with only minor headaches. Has anyone done it?

Looking at specs online, seems like the beds are the same dimensions in length and width, but the rail caps are wider on the 3rd gen, and the bed is maybe an inch deeper?

Anyone with experience?


I’m pretty sure the only change would be that you’d need a new trim piece for the rear panel.

Also, be sure you have some friends and some extra time to swap it out. When they took the GFC off my 3rd gen for repairs the hoist essentially started lifting up my truck bed because the bulb seals will stuck to the bed and GFC frame so strong. We eventually had to cut the seals off with a knife before it finally popped loose. Therefore doing it manually (no hoist) could take some strength, time, and frustration but your mileage may vary.

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They’ve said they are interchangeable between 2nd and 3rd gens, but I can’t remember where. Bed caps are more of an issue on the 2nd, and that seal in the back is longer.

With four people and some 2x6s, it’s a breeze.

With two people and a lot more 2x6s, it’s some work but you’ll get it done.

By yourself, a lot of 2x6s, and some real gumption, it’s possible over the course of a few butt puckering hours.

Ask me how I know haha


from experience, yes. my camper came off a 3rd gen went onto my 2nd gen (2006).

get new bulb seals. 3rd gen has stronger rail caps so the aftermarket rail caps are not necessary.

i have a gap from the tailgate to the rear hatch that i filled with additional weather stripping… so going the other way, you may contact. so trim the trim down?

we did the swap with two people and some 2x6s spread between the beds.

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Thanks for the replies, appreciate it.

Would a V2 be interchangeable from a 3rd Gen to a 2nd Gen?