Swap install dates a week early? Take my 7/10/21 install for your 7/14/21-7/22/21 install!

Had some delays getting out west and was wondering if anyone wanted to get their camper installed a few days early. I currently have the 11:40am slot on July 10th and will take literally any spot between the 14th through the 21st or even early 22nd of July.

Hey Dude!

Unfortunately installation dates cannot be traded as the unit number is being built specifically for that install date.

The only work-around here is if you could find someone that wanted to actually trade their specific camper for your specific camper on those exact dates. Often times the campers are built about a week before their scheduled installation date, so the buffer doesn’t exist to swap spots.

If anyone reading this has already scheduled their install, if you think there will be a conflict on that date for any reason please reach out as soon as possible to let us know.